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It is difficult to argue that our government is no longer restrained by the rule of law.  Years of political corruption have taken it's toll on our nation and have relegated our citizens to chattel owned by the government.

This is not the government our forefathers envisioned.  It is not the government our sons and daughters have bled and died for.

In order to restore this nation to it's former greatness it is absolutely necessary for private individuals to enter into the political process and become citizen legislators and restore the vision of the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

This website will provide instruction for individuals interested in running for public office.  Additionally, information on topics and candidates will be provided in order to help individuals make an informed decision on who will represent them in elective office.

Primary Challenge is dedicated to the founding principles of our nation, reliance upon God, individual liberty and responsibility, and limited government.  Only by electing Constitutionally responsible legislators will we be able to see our nation reach it's true potential.


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